Sunday, October 6, 2013

Breaking the News

So, I'm doing all my cartoons on my Wacom Tablet, which I am still attempting to learn how to use.  The reason that I like the Wacom Tablet is because it allows me to make changes to the image without all the erasing madness.  The hard part is knowing how to save it is such a way that I can get it to down
load correct.  For instance; the caption for this particular panel should read, "I'm just trying to decide how to tell you that I'm pregnant", but as you can see, the text didn't produce.
Okay, so I've never been an expectant father, or mother for that matter.  Still, I can only imagine that breaking the news can be difficult for both the giver in the receiver.  In the case of my comic, Solomon is more shocked than anything by the news that his beloved wife kinds of drops on him while they are enjoying a romantic moment.

Something important to consider, if you follow this blog, is that @Home was first developed as a panel comic for the Daily News, which was the student paper for Southern Methodist University, called TRIPLETS.  However, even that  idea came well before I started going to SMU.

You will also noticed that earlier post depict Morgan well into her pregnancy.  It wasn't until last week that I decided to go back to the very beginning; when Mr. and Mrs. Jacob first learn the news.  I thought there might be some good, undeveloped material there that I didn't want to miss out on.

My hope is to someday post these panels into individual comic books.  The first one being titled, "@Home, the first 9 months".
Of course, first I need to learn how to manipulate this @&%*ing Wacom Tablet, so that the picture and text freaking post.

At any rate, if I never publish a book, I'm hoping that a few people can at least enjoy this blog.


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