Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Momma's Boy

I'm not sure when, during the evolution of the comic, I made Solomon into the ultimate momma's boy.  I think it just sort of happened during the natural progression of the comic.  Well, however it happened, I love that I did it.  As the pregnancy develops and after the "baby" is born, Morgan (and the readers) will get to see just how profoundly his parent's overprotective guardianship played into Solomon's development into a man.  Don't get me wrong; I wrote Solomon to be strong, smart, man; with a good job, hard work ethic and good heart.  However, there will be some little idiocracies that will come to light, that should be interesting to see.  Anyway, there should be nothing wrong with a boy loving his mother; as long as he doesn't put that love above the love of his wife.


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