Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prayer Request

Here is a Health Update. A week after going back to work from my much needed bed rest, I was back in the hospital (the week before Christmas). Here is a picture of the PICC tube that they placed into my arm so I can wear an IV tube around for the next 14 day (only six now). Ever twenty four hours I have to flush one of the tubes with hepron and the other with saline solution (making sure not to inject myself with an air bubble and kill myself. Then I have to change out the IV bag and clip the blood side of the tubing so that the blood will not start flowing up it. They even provided me with a green clamp, just in case the unthinkable happens and I need to clamp off a tube to prevent bleeding to death. Sounds like fun, right?
Oh, the white thing around my arm is a cut off gym sock that I made to stick the loose tubing in. That way I can prevent having one of those bad boys nag onto a chair, or what not, and pulling anything loose. You feel me?
The doctors are doing their part and all I am asking is for prayer from the blogging community. I know what prayer can do and if you know like I know, than pray for me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

This Job Stinks

The next few days of post are going to be random as hell. There will be different styles of drawing and stuff like that there, but I will be saying stuff with each post, so it’s all good.
This is a strip from the very short lived comic, Cop Out. It tells the story of rookie officers and their trainers. This is actually a more refined drawing of the original characters. Tomorrow I will post one of the original comic that I did for the Police News (you can compare the two then).
Anyway, being in training sucks on any job, but it especially sucks as a Police Officer. You find out just how boring a day in the life of a police officer can be at points. Trust me; it is nothing like what you see in the movies and on television. Of course, sometimes it is hell-a-exciting, especially if you go out there and actually work. But if you don’t, than it can be eight hours of pure tedium.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Look What I Found

Looky, Looky, what I found. While I was keeping my little man I found the ending to my little comic strip skit regarding Quincy and the Birds and the Bees. I found it when I was looking for another damn book to read to my Nephew, while he was on the pot. I got so sick of reading the same book to him, over and over again (of course, he didn't seem to mine). Anyway, I also ran across variations of my cartoon, Cop Out. So, hold on to your horses, people. Because, although I have not found my motivation, I have found other comics to post for you viewing pleasure. See, my nephew is a God sent. Whew, the boy was wearing me out though.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Joy To Be Around

While I am on bed rest I get to keep my little, two year old, Nephew for a few days. I know….Bed rest and keeping a two year old seems like a complete contradiction in terms, but it hasn’t been half bad. Actually, it’s been great! My little man is a pleasure to be around. He is so well mannered and full of joy. Oh, and he is so smart. I only wish I had more time to nurture those smarts. I love to see him imprint.
Being around children is nothing new for me. I have a very fertile family. I was changing diapers before I was ten years olds and babysitting as well. I’ve gotten to witness the way my little brother and sister grew up. I played a big part in them learning to walk, read, talk, learn, all the normal kid things. And of course I got to witness the same with my other nieces, nephews and cousins, but little man is different. Part of his learning process is to mimic. It is very cute, because none of the other kids in my family ever did it. If a word is new to him he will repeat it aloud, like he is forcing his brain to digest it. It’s so cute.
I had planned to use my time off to clean my house and find my motivation, but I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying spending this quality time with my little nephew. It is time I rarely get to exercise, working nights and weekends like I do. So, although I know he loves me (I see it in face whenever I come around), our bond is not as strong as I would like it to be. He doesn’t normally want to go with me, now that he is old enough to voice an opinion. And I tell his mom I will never make he go with me if he doesn’t want to (even though I know he will be find once we are one on one). I just think it is important to respect a child’s feelings; they do have them. Heck, I think the only reason he is hear now is because I went and got him while he was a sleep on Sunday. LOL.
Having my little Nephew just makes me realize how much I would love to have a child of my own running around, but it also makes me realize just how horrible I would be if I did have one. Not that I don’t think I would make an excellent father, it just that they take up all of your damn time (and I need to watch television!) I don’t want my children or my nephew to grow up to be a television junky, like myself. He likes to play, and get to read to him while he is on the potty. (By the way, to all you mothers out there. My nephew is having an extreme problem with constipation. He has since he was born. Never a constant bowel movement. I was the first to notice it and bring it to his mother’s attention. She says that she has taken him to the doctors and they say that there is not a problem, but you tell me what child does not have a bowel movement everyday, let alone in three. Trust me, when he was in diapers, it was a pleasure not to have to change to poopy diapers, but I still knew it was not normal. Nor is it health for him to have all that fecal matter stored up inside of him for so long. Any helpful hints out there? Annie? Nitty?) We gonna go get us some prunes today to eat. Yuck!)
Anyway, yesterday we went to the mall, saw Santa Claus, but I did not tell him that is who he is because we are not going to perpetuate that fantasy with him (not my choice, but I have to respect it), went to toy stores out the but, went to the pet shop, ate at McDonalds, took a nap (thank God), went to the movies (were the only two people in the Bee Movie, which was fine with us), went to Denny’s, came home and finally took our butts to sleep at a little past 11pm (and he fought it all the way).
Today, we are probably going to take uncle’s care back to the shop so they can fix the scratches they put into it, then we are going up to the college to take some pictures, then we are gonna go by us a bigger winter coat, because uncle thinks he jacket is too little for him. Then we are gonna go to the library and then maybe have dinner with Uncle Neil (if he comes by). Oh, and we are gonna go to Wal-Mart to buy us some more underwear; because right not we are running around commando style (uncle does not like doing the laundry). LOL.
Still no comics for you, but you can blame that face up there for it. Oh, and don't even ask about that Solid Gold Dancer top he is wearing in that picture. He was in some type of bootleg fashion show this past Satuday. LOL

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ho, Ho, Mom

Okay, People, since it is Christmas time I am going to share with you my very favorite Christmas joke. It is my favorite Christmas joke because I made it up myself. You are free to share it, just make sure you tell people where you got it from. This joke is copywrited, damnit!

It was the night before Christmas when Little Jimmy Thompson came bursting into his older brother Joe’s, bedroom.
“Joe! Joe!” Little Jimmy yells, out of breath. “I just saw mommy kissing Santa Claus under the mistletoe! Let’s go tell dad!
“Jimmy,” Joe says, “That’s not Santa. That is dad, dressed as Santa. You big dummy.”
“No, no,” Little Jimmy persist. “The guy mommy is kissing has a big white beard and mustache. Daddy doesn’t have a beard and mustache.”
“I know that, dummy.” Joe responds. “Of course daddy doesn’t have a white beard and mustache. That’s part of his costume, to make him look like Santa. Duh!”
Little Jimmy ponders this for a second and then says; “But, Joe, this guy was fat with a big fat belly, like a bowl full of jelly. Dad’s not fat.”
“I know dad’s not fat,” Joe says, obviously exasperated with is silly kid brother. “That’s just padding. Probably a pillow or something to make him look fat so he can look like Santa Claus. Now will you get out of here so I can finish playing my game?”
Satisfied with his big brother’s explanation of the events little Jimmy turns to leave his brother’s bedroom. As he is about to head out the door he turns and says; “But, Joe…Dad’s not white.”

HO. HO. HO. You know that’s funny. I love that joke and I made it up myself.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Okay, I went to the doctor today. He told me that I have some type of inflammation of something or other, underneath my sternum. I don't remember what he called it, but it was something medical. Anyway, he loaded me up with all kinds of medication, which I hate. I hate taking medication! I will say that it is a load off my chest, no pun intended, that I didn't have to be hospitalized, because that is what I was visioning. I am going on bed rest, while I give the medicine a chance to work it's magic. I told the doctor that I was gonna wait a week to see him to see if the pain would go away on its own. Yeah, he didn't think that was such a good idea either. I know it was foolish of me. Pain is the body's way of saying, "I'm hurting, fool. Do something about it!"
Nitty and Fuzzy, thank you very much for showing concern. Maybe during the week I am laying around at home I will find my motivation to create. Take care.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Painnnnnnn!

And the hits just keep right on coming. I am in pain, people. Real pain. Right in the center of my sternum, pain. I hurts. It hurts bad. Bad enough that instead of resting up for work right now I am laying here typing up this post. I don’t want to go to the doctor, so I am hoping that it will go away on its own. If it doesn’t, I guess I’m gonna have to suck it up and go anyway. I wish I knew what it was. It’s not my heart, I know that much….Oh, my God how it hurts. This is the kind of pain that makes me feel old as hell. I’m gonna give it a week and then if it doesn’t go away I guess I’ll go to the doctor. Pray for me, please. Ow!